The mortgage pre-approval process is the first step in the mortgage process. It occurs when the bank reviews your application and issues an email stating that you have been pre-approved for the loan amount requested.

 The validity of this is generally 60 days.

 Having the mortgage pre-approved gives comfort that transactions can be concluded quickly and confidence to negotiate on properties.

Major factors affecting mortgage preapproval in the UAE include age, salary, down payment, and amount requested.

  • Age
  • Salary
  • DBR
  • Downpayment
  • Loan Amount

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Important Notes

  • It is important to note that Mortgage Pre-approval is different from Mortgage Approval.
  • Your total loan instalments is what is calculated to determine your eligibility not all your loan as a whole.
  • Individuals who have obtained a credit card loan or a personal loan within the last six months are not eligible for a property loan
  • Individuals who have opened a new personal loan or credit card application are not eligible for a property loan
  1. Age: For UAE Nationals and Residents who are self-employed, the retirement age is 70years, and for non-residents and Expatriates working in the UAE, 65years of age. You can calculate the age limit by subtracting your current age from your retirement age. The maximum loan repayment age is 25 years.
  1. Salary: Property loans are considered for borrowers with a minimum salary or income of 10,000AED.
  • DBR: This is your debt burden ratio. It includes all your liabilities, such as personal loans instalment, new home loan instalments, car loans instalments, and credit card debt instalments. A DBR below 50% is considered eligible for a loan, and a DBR above 50% is not. If your DBR is above 50%, you are to pay off some of your liabilities or debts to lower your DBR and become eligible for a loan
  • Down Payment: A down payment is an initial capital you commit towards obtaining a property. In the UAE, this is 20% of the Property Purchase Price or Property Market Value as per Bank Valuation. Don’t have the entire down payment? Get in touch with us and, one of our expert consultants will guide you.
  • Loan Amount: This is the total property amount you can obtain. UAE Nationals can get up to 85% Finance for a property purchase and 85% Finance to cover Dubai Municipality charges and Real Estate charges involved in the transaction. Residents can get up to 80% financing to buy a property and 80% financing to cover real estate charges and Land Department Of Dubai / Abu Dhabi Municipality charges. and 50% for non-residents.


  • An individual who has applied for a new personal loan or credit card, but has not received them, will be eligible for a property loan if they close such an application.
  • Individuals who have taken out a personal loan or credit card within the last six months and proved they invested the funds and have cash available for a down payment are eligible for property loans.

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