General Insurance is basically Non-Life Insurance. It offers protective coverage for assets other than life. Whether safeguarding your company’s exports or ensuring that your family home is protected from the impact of a burglar, the insurance guarantees that personal or business life continues following an event that would otherwise prove too costly to overcome. HFMC Group handles these different kinds of General Insurance: Automobile / Motor Insurance, Health / Medical Insurance, Business Insurance, Home Insurance and Travel insurance.

A) Automobile / Motor:

Protect your vehicle – save money and save yourself from being without a vehicle.

B) Health / Medical:

Insures the health of the policyholder.

C) Home:

Strongly protect your residential properties from theft, accidental damage, and natural disasters.

D) Travel:

Insure you against numerous mishaps/accidents that could occur during travel.

E) Marine & Cargo:

Protect and swiftly address damage to ships, cargo, terminals, and goods in transit.

F) Fire & Property:

Make sure that your home or business premises would immediately recover from fire, theft, and certain weather damage.

G) Liability:

Protect your business assets and commercial health from the possibility of being sued or held legally liable.

H) Causality:

Make sure your commercial entity is covered in the event of a negligent act or omission.

I) Personal Accident:

Secure the future by protecting you, your family, and your income from an unexpected accident.

J) Credit:

Protect your business from both non and late payments.